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Russian women nominated

Russian women nominated

23 players for Olympic Athletes of Russia

Published 15.08.2018 16:17 GMT+11 | Author Martin Merk
Russian women nominated
Although just 23 and 25 respectively, 2016 Women’s Worlds bronze medallists Fanuza Kadirova and Olga Sosina belong to the oldest players on a young Olympic Athletes of Russia women’s ice hockey team. Photo: Jukka Rautio / HHOF-IIHF Images
After the men’s team, the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia has also announced the 23-player women’s roster for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

After the International Olympic Committee has suspended the Russian Olympic Committee due to doping allegations, it was announced that clean Russian athletes would be invited to compete as Olympic Athletes of Russia under a neutral flag at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

An OAR Invitation Review Panel determined the pool of Russian athletes who have fulfilled the pre-games testing requirements and could be invited according to several criteria available to the panel. The original number of 500 athletes has been reduced by 111 by the panel last week. Not invited were athletes who the IOC suspended as part of the as part of Oswald Commission findings (see press releases from 12 December and 22 December).

From this list three goaltenders, eight defenders and 12 forwards have been chosen to play as Olympic Athletes of Russia in the 2018 Olympic women’s ice hockey tournament by the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia.

The invitations to all athletes will be formally issued at the OAR Delegation Registration Meeting on 27 January in PyeongChang.

With several players retired or not on the list of eligible athletes, this Olympic Athletes of Russia team will be one of the new generation. With an average age of 22 it will likely be the youngest team in the tournament.

Only six players were part of the team in Sochi 2014 including Yelena Dergachyova, Angelina Goncharenko, Anna Shokhina, Yekaterina Smolina, Olga Sosina and Svetlana Tkachyova. Although just 25, Sosina is one of the most experienced players having played both in Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014 and in eight Women’s World Championships. 29-year-old Smolina has the same number of tournaments but had her two Olympic experiences in Turin 2006 and Sochi 2014. Also 33-year-old defender Skachyova, the oldest nominated player, would play her third Olympics after Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014.

At the other end of the scale 11 players are 20 years old or younger. Three were born in 1999, three in 1998 and five in 1997. 17 players would play their first Olympic Winter Games and five players have never played at a top-level championship with the women’s national team: Anastasia Chistyakova, Diana Kanayeva, Viktoria Kulishova, Alyona Starovoytova and Valeria Tarakanova.

16 of the 23 players were on the roster of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship last spring.

Nominations Olympic Athletes of Russia women’s ice hockey team by the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia

Nadezhda Alexandrova, Tornado Moscow Region
Nadezhda Morozova, Biryusa Krasnoyarsk
Valeria Tarakanova, SKIF Nizhni Novgorod

Maria Batalova, Tornado Moscow Region
Anastasia Chistyakova, Dynamo St. Petersburg
Liana Ganeyeva, Arktik-Universitet Ukhta
Angelina Goncharenko, Tornado Moscow Region
Yekaterina Lobova, Biryusa Krasnoyarsk
Yekaterina Nikolayeva, Dynamo St. Petersburg
Nina Pirogova, Tornado Moscow Region
Svetlana Tkachyova, Tornado Moscow Region

Lyudmila Belyakova, Tornado Moscow Region
Yelena Dergachyova, Tornado Moscow Region
Yevgenia Dyupina, Dynamo St. Petersburg
Fanuza Kadirova, Arktik-Universitet Ukhta
Diana Kanayeva, Dynamo St. Petersburg
Viktoria Kulishova, SKIF Nizhni Novgorod
Valeria Pavlova, Biryusa Krasnoyarsk
Anna Shokhina, Tornado Moscow Region
Alevtina Shtaryova, Tornado Moscow Region
Yekaterina Smolina, Dynamo St. Petersburg
Olga Sosina, Agidel Ufa
Alyona Starovoytova, Tornado Moscow Region

Head Coach:
Alexei Chistyakov


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