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Officials readying for Olympics

Officials readying for Olympics

Top female and male referees, linesmen convene

Published 15.08.2018 16:17 GMT+11 | Author Martin Merk
Officials readying for Olympics
Classroom session at the camp.
Top referees and linesmen convened in Switzerland last week to ready themselves for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and other top events.

The 2017 IIHF Officiating Training Camp took place from 16th to 20th August 2017 at the facilities of the Swiss Federal Office of Sports in Magglingen and the ice sessions at the nearby Tissot Arena in Biel. 

30 top IIHF female on-ice officials (16 referees, 14 linesmen) and 20 top IIHF male referees took part in the camp, which was organized by the IIHF Office in co-operation with the IIHF Officiating Committee and the Swiss Federal Office of Sports (BASPO) as part of the preparations of the upcoming global top events in men’s and women’s ice hockey. 

“It’s one of the stages of the review process of potential candidates for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games,” said IIHF Officiating Manager Konstantin Komissarov. “The camp achieved its goals. All the participants were very committed and have the desire to show their skills in a team and their physical condition. The most important thing is to maintain the relations between them and work out the trust within the group, which will help them work the games in the four-official system.” 

Under the slogan “The Moment Is Coming” the participants had a camp schedule that included physical testing and exercises on team building, which were operated by the BASPO staff, classroom sessions and ice sessions at the new venue of Swiss top-league team EHC Biel. 

Five members of the IIHF Officiating Committee were on-site to meet and observe the candidates including the committee’s chairpersons Sergej Gontcharov and Marta Zawadzka. 

The camp participants received information on their physical conditioning and practical recommendations how to maintain it during the season as well as practical recommendations for its improvement. 

During the classroom sessions the representative of the IIHF Office reviewed game situations from the IIHF championships and clarified certain game procedures. 

The participants received information regarding the operation of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games ice hockey tournaments and the process of the selection of the IIHF on-ice officials for the men’s and women’s ice hockey tournaments in PyeongChang 2018. 


Camp Officiating Staff 

Konstantin Komissarov, IIHF Officiating Manager 
Isabella Scinta, IIHF Sport Co-ordinator 
Danny Kurmann, IIHF Staff 
Freddy Reichen, IIHF Referee Supervisor 
Alexander Polyakov, IIHF Officiating Committee 
Kim Pedersen, IIHF Officiating Committee 
Pavel Halas, IIHF Officiating Committee 
Marta Zawadska, IIHF Officiating Committee Co-Chairwoman, IIHF Council 
Sergej Gontcharov, IIHF Officiating Committee Chairman, IIHF Council 

List Invited IIHF On-Ice Officials (Men) 


Lemelin Mark (AUT) 
Sidorenko Maxim (BLR) 
Iverson Brett (CAN) 
Gouin Olivier (CAN) 
Hribik Jan (CZE) 
Jerabek Antonin (CZE) 
Frano Martin (CZE) 
Fonselius Stefan (FIN) 
Salonen Anssi (FIN) 
Rantala Aleksi (FIN) 
Gofman Roman (RUS) 
Olenin Konstantin (RUS) 
Wehrli Tobias (SUI) 
Stricker Daniel (SUI) 
Wiegand Marc (SUI) 
Kubus Jozef (SVK) 
Ohlund Linus (SWE) 
Linde Marcus (SWE) 
Bjork Tobias (SWE) 
Mayer Timothy (USA) 

List Invited IIHF Game Officials (Women) 


Ariano-Lortie Gabrielle (CAN) 
Bordeleau Melanie (CAN) 
Ketonen Kaisa (FIN) 
Picavet Marie (FRA) 
Hertrich Nicole (GER) 
Nakayama Miyuki (JPN) 
Hove Aina (NOR) 
Eskola Anna (SUI) 
Fialova Drahomira (SUI) 
Celarova Nikoleta (SVK) 
Gran Gabriela (SWE) 
Timglas Katarina (SWE) 
Guay Katie (USA) 
Huntley Jamie (USA) 
Allen Dina (USA) 
Szkola Melissa (USA) 


Angerer Bettina (AUT) 
Todd Justine (CAN) 
Stratton Vanessa (CAN) 
Novotna Ilona (CZE) 
Svobodova Zuzana (CZE) 
Tauriainen Johanna (FIN) 
Heikkinen Jenni (FIN) 
Girard Charlotte (FRA) 
Linnek Lisa (GER) 
Pagon Natasa (SLO) 
Kudelova Michaela (SVK) 
Johansson Veronica (SWE) 
Leclerc Jessica (USA) 
Spresser Jacqueline (USA)


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