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Jerseys are here

Jerseys are here

14 sets of apparel for Olympics

Published 15.08.2018 16:17 GMT+11 | Author Martin Merk
Jerseys are here
14 jerseys representing 14 countries at the Olympic ice hockey tournaments.
Earlier you got on a glimpse of what the game jerseys look like. Here are now all sets of jerseys.

The designers of Nike got a little more work than usual with the Russian teams now participating under a neutral flag as Olympic Athletes from Russia including restrictions it caused for the jersey.

And the late addition of North Korean athletes in the Olympics including a joint Korean women’s ice hockey team created a totally new jersey in the Olympic women’s ice hockey tournament. It depicts the map of the Korean peninsula.

Click here to read more about how the jerseys were created.

CAN Home CAN Away CAN Third
CZE Home CZE Away  
FIN Home FIN Away  
GER Home GER Away  
 JPN Home  JPN Away  
 COR Home  COR Away  
 KOR Home  KOR Away  
 NOR Home  NOR Away  
 OAR Home  OAR Away  
 SVK Home  SVK Away  
 SLO Home  SLO Away  
 SWE Home  SWE Away  
SUI Home SUI Away  
 USA Home  USA Away  USA Third


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